CLOUDMATRIX facial recognition saves the day during pandemic


The world has changed after COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting all industry globally. At time people cannot foresee the market to get back to normal again. In order to minimize the affection that COVID-19 has on the market, business enterprises started to put investment of technology innovation. And the AI technology has become the turning point for the new business model.

Together, we fight through the pandemic !

Intel specially hold an Intel APJT Covid 19 webinar, with all the partners participating in coming up with the solutions for the pandemic. Intel is building up competitive advantages within the organization, accelerating the process for fulfilling the needs for intelligence solutions during the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, COUDMATRIX had already studied the facial recognition in biometrics recognition algorithm, and apply it for the solutions like attendance control, intelligent fence system, and facial recognition with thermal check.

GFace Facial Recognition System M2 with Thermal can do facial recognition and temperature measurement at the same time. The recognition system can finish comparing real-time recognition records with registered data and show results in a second. It’s the best solution for creating a safe environment in the workplace during the pandemic.

CLOUDMATRIX works with clients to create great business value

Being the Intel partner and a member of the society, CLOUDMATRIX is dedicated to provide more useful solutions for all. CLOUDMATRIX works closely with clients to fulfill every need. The goal is to make it fast and easy for our clients to integrate AI technology into their services and enhance the experience of their customers using AI recognition.