GFace Recognition SDK

Cloudmatrix is comprised of excellent development teams for AI recognition technology
that provide the most accurate facial recognition.
Through our professional experience in the AI field,
we are confident in our incorporation of facial recognition technology in many fields of work,
where AI can provide a wide range of solutions for business development.
We promise to provide an easy, user-friendly,
and flexible AI recognition engine that is suitable for all kinds of industry and
business applications.

Number one in the AI Industry

Through continuous research-driven development and innovation, we provide an unparalleled AI experience to our clients

Precise Recognition Rate

With a robust AI recognition engine, the system can execute precise facial recognition and perform facial analysis rapidly

High Compatibility

Our highly compatible AI recognition software can be easily integrated with other hardware for a wide range of business applications

Accurately Detected
Human Faces

The AI engine is able to capture 128 biometrics, creating a personal face model to strengthen the automatic machine learning system

Age and Gender Detection

The recognition system can accurately detect the gender and age of the users and send data in real-time back to the system, providing fast analysis on target users

Various AI Application

Cloudmatrix provides AI facial recognition that can be used in many applications. The wide applicability of our products is just one of the many reasons we receive regular praise from our clients

The System Hardware Architecture Diagram

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