Smart Medical Treatment

Artificial intelligence continues to grow more relevant in our everyday lives. By using AI to automate a wide range of processes in medicine, hospitals and clinics can address many medical emergencies before they occur, as well as benefitting from the many advantages of smart medical technology

Saint Mary's Hospital Luodong

Hospitals can detect seniors or other medically impaired individuals who've fallen and customize the system to act appropriately. This can greatly reduce the chance of injury or even death.

Landseed International Hospital

We have installed fall detection devices in the VIP ward and bathroom. The fall detector device contains 3D stereo image sensing technology, which quickly identifies fallen patients and notifies the backend system to respond appropriately.

The System Hardware Architecture Diagram


Ting's OBS & GYN Clinic

To prevent the spread of disease, it is important to have temperature measuring devices in every medical facility. We integrated temperature measurement with the QRCode machine to provide an instantaneous real-name reporting system. When entering the clinic, you can use the device to measure temperature and quickly generate the appropriate records

The System Hardware Architecture Diagram


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