GFace Facial Recognition System with Anti-Pass Back

Control area access using an intelligent security system

GFace Facial Recognition System with Anti-pass back

If the intended zone is...

A designated personnel-only area

A location with high confidentiality

A heavy security zone

Transparent Access Management

Prevent Unauthorized
Individuals From Tailing

If unauthorized individuals attempt following authorized individuals into restricted areas, the APB function will report an incomplete record once the unauthorized individual leaves

Not affected by
low/high ambient light sources

With IR and RGB duo-lenses, the infrared lens is still capable of accurate image capture even in low-light environments

Anti-Pass Back Management

If the user’s in-out record has failed to file a complete record in front of the device, the system will not authorize access for that user the next time

GFace Manager AI Facial Recognition Management Platform


Application Diagram


Enhancing Safety Features

Businesses can take advantage of our facial recognition capabilities to track people coming into and out of the office, improving security and preventing unwanted visitors

Strict Safety Control

The surveillance devices must be installed at the entrances and exits of the zone, and all devices are interconnected to ensure synchronization of recognition data

Economize the Cost

Using facial recognition as a way of access control substantially reduces unnecessary strain on business resources, as well as providing a better security system

The System Hardware Architecture Diagram

Choose one product that suits you the best

Despite the different spec, it is spectacular equally

GFace Facial Recognition System M1 with APB

The system device uses a 10-inch screen with IR lenses, which can recognize faces accurately and show identification information clearly even under extremely low-light environments

GFace Facial Recognition System M2 with APB

The system device uses a 7-inch screen with IR lenses. The sophisticated appearance is suitable for installation in a variety of settings. Even in low-light environments, the system performs accurate facial recognition.

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