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Yes, we provide support services. To make an inquiry, please contact our service agent.

Facial Recognition

1. The light setting on the phone display may be too dim. Check your settings and increase the brightness.

2. Holding the phone at a certain angle can cause unwanted reflection. Adjust the phone’s orientation until the screen reads.

3. Check if there are any accessory features on-screen that may be blocking the QRCode (e.g., the Apple Home button).

This problem should improve as the system grows to learn the user’s face. The more times the user get recognized, the faster and more accurate the system becomes at recognizing the user.

When performing facial recognition, no photos are saved in the facial recognition backup server. The server only saves the facial features as numerical data, and these special features are encrypted so that no other software can read them.

We provide one-stop and low cost product service for our facial recognition devices, which include: AIO-M1/AIO-M2 (All-In-One facial recognition device), AIO-SI (Facial recognition algorithm / backup computing), and Gface Manager (Back-end managing system). Other hardware support is also possible based on the needs of our clients.

Our technology is extremely flexible, and has a user-friendly API so businesses can customize the technology according to their size and needs. The modular design of our system framework also makes it compatible with all kinds of business. And we provide various software services and hardware data backups, so there is no need to for drastic revisions every time there is a system update.

Even if the user changes his or her hair or makeup, our system algorithm will still be able to accurately recognize the user by referring to past recognition records and adjusting for any changes to the user’s appearance. 

Temperature Measurement

Users can register and do the recognition process on their own, without the need for staff. Users can also apply for registration online in a quick, simple process. The system also operates 24/7, removing the need for any staff.

All recognition and temperature records will be stored chronologically in the user’s personal record page, allowing managers to easily locate records as desired

The best measuring distance is 75cm-90cm from the measuring device, with a margin of error of +/- 0.5°C

Fall Detection

In addition to the clear health benefits, our technology also protects the privacy of the patient. The 3D depth stereo sensor camera will de-identify the detected status of the human objects, so the device can be installed in privacy-sensitive areas without concern

Our fall detection technology is usable not only in hospital wards but in all kinds of patient settings, including care homes and staff lounges. We can also customize the product depending on the client’s needs (please reach out to our service agent for more details). 

When detecting a fall, the device will notify the backend system immediately so that staff can determine an appropriate response.

Combination for Electrostatic Test

To manage access to sensitive electronics manufacturing areas, we can integrate a facial recognition device with electrostatic sensors to create an access control system. The sensors will then detect static discharge in users that could cause potentially damaging ESD. Combined with a facial recognition device, this system provides a strong bottleneck that ensures the safety of production. 

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