Intelligent Electronic Fences System

The Intelligent Electronic Fences System divides the monitored zones by regional type, and sets up access conditions for each monitored zone. If unauthorized individuals or potentially dangerous situations are detected within the zone, the system will send an alert notification immediately. This solution is often used to control dangerous or confidential areas, turning passive into active detection to improve environment security

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Intelligence Security System

Using intelligence technology to improve regional safety and to prevent trespassers or other dangerous situations in advance

Strict security

Once a stranger approaches the alert area, the alert system will send a notification immediately to security personnel

24H Video Detection

Using video to monitor the specified area all year round, the system acts as a safety check at all times. It will effectively prevent strangers from invading and reduce danger

Strengthen Access Control

The system upgrades security protection for specified areas so the user can manage access and allows the user to set the trigger conditions when unauthorized individuals enter

Real-time Alarm System

Once unauthorized individuals enter an alert area, it will trigger the alert system and take a screenshot. We use the default texting app to send the pictures to phone devices

Proactive Management

Traditionally, incidents are passively investigated. With the Intelligence Electronic Fence System, we can proactively prepare precautions to prevent incidents in advance

Various AI Application

The Intelligence Electronic Fence System is suitable for high confidentially areas or heavy security zones. This will help increase the level of security protection


24 hours Video Recording

Using video to monitor the specified area all year round, the system acts as a safety check at all times. It will effectively prevent strangers from invading and reduce danger

Real-Time Notification

When a suspicious event occurs, a notification will be sent immediately through the default texting app and images with the detected image attached

Increase Overall Safety

With the Intelligence Electronic Fence System, the manager can keep close monitoring of each zone, and proactively prepare safety precautions in advance

The System Hardware Architecture Diagram

Hardware Specifications


Real-time photography can be transmitted on the internet using the video streaming format RTSP. The webcam has a wide dynamic photography function that helps adaptation under dim light sources. And unlike the traditional closed-circuit surveillance system, the webcam can function independently

Edge computing

We deploy AI Geo Fencing detection software, and the device is equipped with a GPU. The powerful computing capability can support simultaneous streaming of multiple webcams, and stream incidents in real-time to the back-end management system

Management Server

We deploy back-end management server and database to uniformly control all webcams installed in the area. Through a simple and user-friendly interface, you can set the alert range and view areas in real-time

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