Smart Advertisement Playing System

The Smart Advertisement Playing System specializes in detecting the customer’s gender and age, and based on the results, the system will play the corresponding video for that customer. In the back-end management system, you can view the distribution of costumers’ gender and age information during different hours, and empower your marketing strategies based on that data

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Intelligent Solution For Retail

The Smart Advertisement Playing Systemto uses a neural network algorithm to play the preferred product videos for the target audience, and conducts customer behavior analysis to assist marketing

Recognition in One second

We use deep learning to optimize our recognition model, ensuring all instances will be detected within one second, and send notifications instantly

Detect Gender and Age

The system detects customers in front of the screen and collect information on gender and age. This will help the manager better understand the product preferences of the customers when analyzing data on the management platform

Targeted Advertising Video

Upon detecting the gender and age of the customer, the system can play specific, targeted videos for a unique and interactive customer experience

Various Application Fields

The system is applicable in all kinds of fields, ranging from small retail stores to large department stores, and provides data for deeper marketing analysis

Management Platform


Analyze Customer Preference

The system can analyze the gender and age of each customer standing in front of the screen and play the recommended video

Precision Marketing

Detailed statistics are available through the back-end system to enable precision marketing

Brand-New Experience

According to the different gender and age of the customers, the system can play specific videos targeted to that customer. This builds a brand-new interactive experience with customers

The system hardware architecture diagram

Hardware Specifications


We recommend using models with a resolution of 720P or above. In addition, the image stream can be transmitted through the USB interface to avoid delays and achieve the accurate feature analysis in real-time


We recommend a microcomputer to serve as the edge computing host. Small and with a low-energy cost, microcomputers can run neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, and segmentation


A back-end management system is necessary to control the cameras and computing edge devices deployed in the field, and to provide a database to save statistical data and produce detailed reports at any time

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