CLOUDMATRIX being the partner of Intel, and being the top SI in the Ecosphere


What is Intel Partner Connect Virtual Event?

Intel Partner Connect Virtual Event is an online virtual events that connect Intel® partners across the world. Although the pandemic still has it affect globally, the technology innovation never stop. Together the world propose greater and smarter solutions for all.

Reveal how COVID-19 changes our way of living

For future development, we need to have new business models. Exploring the spectrum of artificial intelligent, big data, cloud, and other technological applications is a very crucial step for technology advancement, especially during the pandemic.

According to PwC and IEK’ reports indicate, the pandemic has change the form of social interaction, and eliminate social gatherings. E-commerce, work from home, mask-wearing, stay home, and wash your hands are phrases you hear more often than before, changing everyone’s way of living.

Social distancing is an important preventive action that we all need to take. We not only have to avoid human contacts, but also keeping distance between others all the time. The inquiry for CLOUDMATRIX GFace Facial Recognition System increases during this period of time. And the solution meets the requirement for zero-contact, social distancing, and attendance management.

Foreseeing future AIoT trends, and develope the right product

CLOUDMATRIX has already developed the zero-contact intelligent service solutions from years ago. The development team continue to optimize the solution features, proposing not only innovative, but also market-ready AI product solution.

CLOUDMATRIX team has already implemented the facial recognition solution internally, and collected feedbacks from users during process. Therefore, CLOUDMATRIX adapted and adjusted to come up with a user-friendly solution for many kinds of application scenarios.

The frequently asked question of facial recognition are “How accurate is the recognition?” and “Will it be affected by the surrounding environment?” If the recognition accuracy rare is low, the false recognition will happen frequently, and will result in insufficient user record management.

Furthermore, the process of recognition can be affected by the surrounding lightings. When the day is overcast or the lighting is dim, these factors often time can affect the accuracy of recognition.

About CLOUDMATRIX GFace Recognition edge devices, there are two sizes to choose from, a 7 inch or a 10 inch. Both of them can achieve a 99.8% recognition accuracy, and can finish recognition under 1 second. With the dual IR and RGB lens, the device can perfectly recognize human face under kinds of lightings, achieving the most accurate facial recognition.

Always ahead of the market trend !

Facing the change of market, CLOUDMATRIX is fully prepared! As the partner of Intel® or as a part of the AIoT industry, CLOUDMATRIX continues to make advancements in the AI development. Also, provide total solutions for software and hardware integration, enabling the flexibility for various system applications.