CLOUDMATRIX presents the all-round AI solutions to strengthen the intelligent market


A super-large online virtual exhibition that breaks through the time difference and distance

Overcoming the restriction on time and distance, the biggest online virtual exhibition GIGABYTE Virtual Show 2020 is running for two weeks. Although many on-site exhibitions have to cancel due to the pandemic, but the technological innovation and advancement are still worth sharing. Via the virtual show, people all around the world are able to explore the 5G world and more incredible AIoT solutions.

Breaking through the problems with AI solutions

CLOUDMATRIX is proud to presents its solutions that are applicable in many industry verticals. Solutions include facial recognition, facial recognition with ESD testing, facial recognition for retail solution and more.

If not foreseeing the possible needs or conditions for the solution application, some problems may unexpectedly occur during the actual installation. Because of that, though the solution can apply to kinds of scenarios, the need for customizations are unexpected and hard to fulfill.

The most accurate AI Facial Recognition solution - GFace Facial Recognition System

For facial recognition, CLOUDMATRIX has solve the problem for detecting human face under dim lighting. And with the customizable features, GFace Facial Recognition System is perfect for work environment, school campus, and public spaces.

For the recognition edge devices, there are two sizes to choose from, a 7 inch or a 10 inch. Both of them can achieve a 99.8% recognition accuracy, and can finish recognition under 1 second. With the dual IR and RGB lens, the device can perfectly recognize human face under kinds of lightings.

Intelligent tool for retail-Smart Advertisement Retail Solution

A smart retail solution can help better understand a customer shopping experience, and get a more accurate feedback from the customer. To achieve sustainable marketing strategy, retail businesses must start optimizing ways to interact with their customers

When the customer first enter the store, the intelligent device starts to recognize the user’s age, gender, location, and VIP identity. Using CLOUDMATRIX smart retail edge device with customizable CMS platform, store managers can provide services more productively and accurately, achieving both sales goals and management efficiency

Let CLOUDMATRIX be the expert in providing AI analytics for retail, helping brands to better understand their customers. CLOUDMATRIX becomes the trusted partner for brands!