Smart Thermometer

The Smart Thermometer specializes in checking temperatures at one-way entrances, ensuring that everyone gets their temperatures checked. The device can finish measuring temperature in one second and show the results on the screen. There is no need to assign specific personnel at the checkpoint, making it the best solution for promoting workplace health

Zero-Touch for Virus Prevention

Measuring temperature without touching anyone reduces the risk of crowd infection, ensuring a safer working environment

Precise Temperature

installation at one-way entrances ensures that everyone gets their temperature checked

Portable Device Usable

The portable thermal device can be deployed anywhere and anytime

Detect Temperature from
50-100cm Away

The device can successfully measure the temperature of the user standing as far as 50-100 cm away

Various AI Application

Cloudmatrix provides AI facial recognition that can be used in many applications. For that, we receive affirmations from our clients

Operating Procedure


High Compatibility

We customize the temperature measurement system based on the client's needs. The high degree of compatibility allows the device to be used in a wide range of settings

Prevent Virus Infection

Measuring temperature without touching anyone reduces the risk of crowd infection. The device can finish measuring in one second, ensuring a safer and more efficient workplace

Economize the Cost

Replacing the traditional way of measuring temperature, users can check their temperatures independently, which substantially reduces unnecessary strain on business resources

The System Hardware Architecture Diagram

Hardware Specifications


Using Intel® Celeron® J3455 with a 7" screen and IR lens that can accurately detect human faces under dim lighting, the AI engine can capture 128 biometrics from the user, creating a personal face model to strengthen the automatic machine learning system. The recognition accuracy reaches 99.8%, a pioneer benchmark for facial recognition

Thermopile Array Module

The 16x16 high resolution thermal sensor module can detect human temperature from 100 cm away. The device uses a USB port to send signals, which make it compatible with a wide range of devices

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