GFace Facial Recognition System with IPCam

GFace Facial Recognition System with IPCam accurately recognizes the identities of all people coming into and out of a zone of interest. The IPCam system incorporates three special functions: screening, ROI setting, and recommendations. When unusual activities or emergencies occur, the system manager can use the screening mechanism to find the relevant information and react accordingly

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Precise Recognition Rate

With a robust AI recognition engine, the system executes precise facial recognition and processes facial analysis rapidly

Contactless Attendance Check

Speed up attendance checking using facial recognition that preserves social distancing during the pandemic

Recognition in One Second

The recognition system can finish comparing real-time recognition records with registered data and show results in a second

Screening Mechanism

To find recognition records for a specific user, the system will export data on the user’s captured images, timestamps, and locations

Video Playback

Under unusual circumstances that need inspection, the IPCam system provides video playback of the past 24 hours

ROI Setting

ROI (Region of Interest) selects specific areas in the surveilled zone. This function will focus on selected details at an improved recognition rate

Suggestion System

Cloudmatrix provides AI facial recognition that can be used in many applications. We respond quickly to client feedback and suggestions

GFace Manager AI Facial Recognition Management Platform


Enhancing Safety Features

Businesses can take advantage of our facial recognition capabilities to track people coming into and out of the office, improving security and preventing unwanted visitors

Systematic Management

With centralized management on all IPCam devices, the system manager can edit the statuses of all devices on a single interface

Keep Track of Current Events

When unusual activities occur, the system manager can use the screening mechanism to find the relevant information and react accordingly

The System Hardware Architecture Diagram

Hardware Specifications


Real-time photography can be transmitted on the internet using the video streaming format RTSP. The IPCam has natural capabilities that helps adaptation in low-light environments. And unlike traditional closed-circuit surveillance systems, the IPCam can function independently.

GPU server

The GPU computing device incorporates the GFace AI facial recognition core software that supports video streaming through the internet. All real-time recognition records will be sent to the back-end management system for effective surveillance control.


The sever is in charge of three important functions: database management for storing records, system learning for better recognition accuracy, and the web server for supporting useful software. We recommend using a highly stable server with good durability in severe environments.

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