CLOUDMATRIX presents the newest and the trendiest AI to the world


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The key to win:turn data into digital assets

The Internet of Behavior (IoB) is crucial when it comes to turning everyday data into assets of development strategies. CLOUDMATRIX is the top Edge AI provider in the market, proficient in using data to create AI solutions that are in demand.

In today’s society, data are everywhere. Whether it is the data that records our digital footprints, or the data that records our body temperature, all of those are accessible through the digital platform. Take measuring body temperature for example, using AI to detect fever and keep record of the event is very efficient especially during the Covid19 pandemic. Thanks to smart data management, all records are efficiently managed, changing the pattern of living.

CLOUDMATRIX is comprised of excellent development teams for AI recognition technology. The areas of emphasis include smart recognition as well as expanding the IoT to factories, retailers, offices, schools, and homes, making AI applicable to all business scenarios.

Via Tech Tune-In, CLOUDMATRIX presents applications for GFace Facial Recognition System for Smart Library, Smart Thermometer Extreme, GFace Facial Recognition System with IPCam, Fall Detection System, and Intelligent Electronic Fences System. And in the future, CLOUDMATRIX will propose more powerful solutions for all industry verticals. Through visiting CLOUDMATRIX official YouTube channel and GIGABYTE Tech Tune-In platform, webinars and visitors will get a thorough insight about CLOUDMATRIX.