Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool

We can make it even better

Three Features of CLOUDMATRIX

Customized Service

We strive to understand our customers, and customize our products and service based on your needs

High Accuracy

The AI computing engine achieves 99.8% accuracy in facial recognition

Independent Research

We constantly update our algorithms based on the most cutting-edge research in AI in order to provide the best possible experience

Hottest Products


The continuous growth of cloud technology

We customize AI cloud service for enterprises,
enabling them to take full advantage of this technology's
benefits. Our goal is to make it fast and easy for our clients
to integrate AI technology into their services and enhance
the experience of their customers using AI recognition


Ever-changing AI applications

Designing technology scalable into a wide range of products,
CLOUDMATRIX has become a top provider of Edge AI.
We provide multiple intelligent recognition systems,
helping drive greater innovation in artifical intelligence

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