People Counting System

The counting system provides detailed statistics on the daily flow of people, such as how many people enter or leave the monitored zone. This will serve purposes such as helping retailers see how many customers come in during peak or off-peak hours, thereby assisting store managers improve operational performance

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A Must-Have for Retail

Use the latest technological tools to systematically manage customer flow and accumulate data for marketing analysis

Cloud Remote Management

The system is not restricted by different server locations, providing centralized management of each retail service branch

Recognition in One Second

We use deep learning to optimize our recognition model, ensuring all instances will be detected within one second, and send notifications instantly

The Both-Way Statistics

The system counts how many people came in or out in a day. It can translate metrics to business value indicators for integrated analysis, and maximize management efficiency

Area Schematization

The system user can customize the range of monitored zones by adjusting the parameters of the camera devices to suit their needs

Centralized Management

The system user can add more camera devices without having to manage each of the devices individually. The settings of all devices can be managed from a single easy-to-use interface

Various AI Application

The people counting system is applicable in all kinds of fields, ranging from small retail stores to large department stores, providing a strong solution for customer analysis

Management Platform


Better Customer Experience

Create a better customer experience by knowing the habits of your customers. Enriched data gathering will let you know during which hours customers stayed the longest, and set up corresponding marketing strategies

Improve Performance

The manager can not only check daily flow statistics but also see the distribution of people in real-time through the management platform. This will help optimize operation performance

Human Resource Allocation

Efficient allocation of human resources is important for any business. Simplify data gathering so you can devote your time to other things

The System Hardware Architecture Diagram

Hardware Specifications

Dome Camera

We recommend using models with a resolution of 720p or above. In addition, the image stream can be transmitted through the USB interface to avoid delays and achieve accurate counting in real time.


We recommend a microcomputer to serve as the edge computing host. Small and with a low-energy cost, microcomputers can run neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, and segmentation


The sever is in charge of three important functions: database for storing records, system learning for better recognition accuracy, and the web server for supporting useful software. We recommend a stable server that can stay durable in severe environments

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