Fall Detection System

The Fall Detection System is a preventative device designed for medical care systems. Using the 3D Stereo Depth Camera, the device can accurately grasp the status of the patient (such as human body postures and positions) while protecting the patient's privacy. The device can also integrate with a medical back-end system, and notify care staff instantly for treatment


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Protect the Personal Privacy

The 3D depth stereo image technology provides de-identification. Without exposing privacy, the device can be installed in privacy-sensitive areas


Alert in One Second

Notify medical staff instantly about accidents within one second, in addition to other customizable instructions based on the type of accident


Recognition in One second

We use deep learning to optimize our recognition model, ensuring all instances will be detected within one second, and send notifications instantly

Precise Recognition Model

The AI engine is optimized for precise recognition and performance

Detect Subject's Postures

The model successfully collects a range of information from the detection zone:
1) Whether a user is sitting down, standing up, lying down, or falling
2) Whether a bathroom is in use, vacant, or has been in use for an aberrantly extended period
3) Whether a ward bed is moving or if there's no change

Connect the Medical Care System Using API

Providing an easy-to-use API, the sensor device can integrate with the medical care back-end system, which can customize the device's responses to different events

Best Solution for
Medical Care

Falling for seniors or the medically fragile can be extremely dangerous. GFall Detector is the best solution for a better medical care system


Keep the Elderly Safe

GFall Detector monitors the health status of the elderly at all times. This will help to minimize possible dangers that may occur

First-Minute Treatment

When accidents occur, the system will notify medical staff immediately to give on-time medical treatment

Improve Medical Quality

Falling is one of the most difficult accidents to prevent. GFall detector will help improve the quality of medical care to reduce falls over time

The System Hardware Architecture Diagram

Hardware Specifications

Intel RealSense D435

The 3D depth stereo camera with a wide viewing range is capable of tracking moving objects. The shooting range is up to 10 meters without being affected by ambient light. SDK application and cross-platforming is supported

Edge Computing

We recommend using a microcomputer as the edge computing host. Small and with low-energy costs, microcomputers can run neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, and segmentation

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