Together with CLOUDMATRIX,
we are ready for
post-epidemic era


Virus transmission prevention is crucial, and we need to build safer net for all industry verticals

Facing the uncertainty of the COVID19 pandemic, it is important for enterprises re-think their business development strategies. To really jump out of the traditional structure of thinking, and be ready to present he newest and the best user experience for the customers.

Members from Cloud Computing and IoT Association in Taiwan presented their solutions in 7 major application fields, where 90 products are ready for the industry. The applications are contactless service solution, AI/social media data application service, remote working, online teaching system, assistance service, quarantine System, and healthcare system.

Using AI contactless solution, efficiently prevent virus from spreading

CLOUDMATIX presents AI contactless solutions as the ultimate weapon for COVID19 prevention. The Facial Recognitions System M2 with Thermal device and the smart thermometer measuring device are very useful especially during the pandemic.

Via using CLOUDMATRIX GFace Facial Recognition M2, the daily health records of users can be efficiently managed. The system can finish recognition within one second, and the thermal camera can detect body temperature as far as from 2 meter away. When detects a fever value, the system will automatically leave a fever record of that user, therefore, keep record of the user’s health status.

The Smart Thermometer Extreme is suitable for heavily-trafficked areas with people that need to get their temperatures measured, including environments like public transportation, event venues, shopping malls, and more. The device can measure multiple people’s temperatures at the same time. Within the camera shooting region, the device can detect 5-10 people simultaneously on the spot.

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool ! We can make it even better !

Designing technology scalable into a wide range of products, CLOUDMATRIX has become a top provider of Edge AI. We provide multiple intelligent recognition systems, helping drive greater innovation in artificial intelligence.