CLOUDMATRIX is invited to use AI application in Christmas Market


Prevent COVID-19 and protect your safety

Bestyield International hosted a grand Christmas Market for the holiday season. There are about 30 venues that gives you wholesome Western Christmas vibe, attracting many visitors during that day.

Because of the needs for checking visitor’s body temperature, CLOUDMATRIX put the standalone thermal device that can easily be moved from site to site with minimal reconfiguration. And the measuring range can be far as 1 meter away.

Using AI in every applications to provide a much safer environment

CLOUDMATRIX smart thermometer can not only be used at market space, but also any other spaces that have large people traffic. For example, the enterprise building, campuses, gyms, shopping centers, and more.

Replacing the old way of measuring one’s temperature, which is by manually measure using Forehead thermometer. This way may increase the chance of contact virus transmission.

By using CLOUDMATRIX Smart Thermometer solution, it can not only provide measurement range from 35°C to 40°C with precision ± 0.5°C, but also keeping each measuring records, making sure a safer environment during the pandemic.