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The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the most well-known international electronic product exhibition. Thousands of companies and cooperation are attending as exhibitors, presenting their strongest new tech products and solutions during the grand show. From June 1967 of the first CES, now is 54th CES in the year 2020, professional around the world gather to explore more business opportunities.

6 major trends of CES

During 2020 CES, there are many amazing technology trends you shall never miss out. Trends like 5G mobile communication, artificial Intelligence, autonomous vehicle, augmented reality, virtual reality, and stream media. Although some of them are already a hot topic for the century, they continue to have break-through and whole-new applications.

How CLOUDMATRIX uses AI to create new businesses

Artificial intelligent for example, CLOUDMATRIX being the top Edge AI provider, presents GFace Facial Recognition system at the CES and gets many inquiries from the visitors.

Artificial intelligent is not a strange topic nowadays. News and articles are talking about its various applications and innovations, and people are starting to put high expectation for AI. CLOUDMATRIX focuses on the intelligent industry, foreseeing the trends of zero-contact solutions and facial recognition, and putting resources into developing complete system solution.

The GFace Facial Recognition system can achieve a 99.8% recognition accuracy, and can finish recognition under 1 second. The system provides machine learning module for facial features learning and the record management for attendance. If the user’s in-out record has failed to file a complete record, the system will not authorize access for that user the next time, and send notification.

Furthermore, for easy management of the real-time recognition records, there is a management platform that provides statistical data – GFace Manager. The features include user records, stranger detection, user management, group authorization, device management, focus records, and history. These functions fulfill the needs for searching focus group, checking device status, setting access control, and more.

Aiming for max market share, becoming the top choice

Being the Intel partner and a member of the society, CLOUDMATRIX is dedicated to provide more useful solutions for all. CLOUDMATRIX works closely with clients to fulfill every need. The goal is to make it fast and easy for our clients to integrate AI technology into their services and enhance the experience of their customers using AI recognition.