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Version Changelog

 – Add copy feature for auto registered user’s code information
 – Add GFaceClient and GMicroServices version information
 – Record/Stranger/User card record style update
 – Add an expiration date for downloading user’s QRCode (incompatible with previous versions)
 – At the user’s access right page, provide sorting list for the search function
 – Data sort by group name at the authorization page
 – Add temperature information when exporting records, and the value is in English
 – Use GMicroServices API to get GMicroServices and GFaceClient versions
 – Remove development users from crash mail mailing list
 – When the device has the network connection , update a device’s IP record
– During backup mode, GPU changes connection for Server IP, and only activates current GPU Server
– Device’s API information update as {URL}/device/network

– Fix the uploading password error for license
– Fix bud for merging user’s recommendation list
– SMTP information : sender’s address fix
– When importing user information using excel, enter the wrong group type can result successful upload 
 – Add “Name” and “Create time” in data sort of Authorization
 – Add the language function

– UI change in Authorization page
– Download QRcode changed to a more organized dialog 

 – Fix the error of the first user’s compulsory learn record
 – APB in and out logic record fix
 – Fix layout change at user record page 
 – Add UTP-8 code, when using FTP to export csv
 – When download QRcode, remove “auto-registration” parameter
 – Add https protocol
 – Server end add
 – Add new icons
 – Fix the error when importing user list, overrides the existing user manager’s access right
 – Display gender and age at the stranger page
 – Add gender and age column in the stranger record
 – Verify if the SMTP location is connected

 – Auto-backup system add active and deactivate functions (v3.0.1.3)

 – Fix the error of system filters Fullwidth form at input value when adding authorization group
 – Fix the error of missing other time zones when using mogoDB search aggregation
 – Fix the report loses the saved time-zone
 – Fix the error of system filters Fullwidth form at input value when adding authorization group
 – Fix error counts for entering wrong passwords
 – Fix the issue when logging in for certain amount of time, set wait time for locking the account
 – At the user record page, fix no user suggestion option
 – Fix the error of the number of time for user login
 – Fix the short-time update and the display numbers error made form activating AIO for multiple times
 – Fix the missing amount of thumbnails in exported records when using FTP 
 – Fix the error of not displaying scheduled time after FTP saved
 – Fix the previous stored data showing error
 – Fix the system disorder on visit focus parameter (status)
 – Optimize the function for sending notification emails
 – At user comparison sample, remove “report and delete” option
 – Fix the error on displaying languages
 – Fix the authorized access function at the historical record page
 –  Auto-register email sending options (all records/new auto-registration/Compulsory learn )

 – GFM overall system UI optimization

 – Fix the issue of having only 100 counts when exporting record report

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